Wasteland EP

by Crimson Noise

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released October 24, 2011

Produced by Marco Salas and Crimson Noise
Recorded by Alberto Teran @ Noize Lab Studios
Mastered by Alberto Ortiz
Mixed by Marcos Monerat
Label: Independent
Copyright Crimson Noise, ACAM 2011, all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Crimson Noise Costa Rica

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Track Name: Wasteland

Always hate, not a piece of self-respect
All his life taking shit from others
Reaching out just to find a little help
What it takes to be a better man?
You can say with no shame
You´ve found your way
Even though It´s not the straightest path
Don´t you know
How to make amends my friend?
I will show you someday

Wasted away
Don’t you feel like sleeping?
Beat and broken
Tell me how it feels inside
It´s hopeless, I know what you´re thinking, is it worth it?
Take your only chance to step away

All this time you have waited for something
Hoping to achieve some peace of mind
Don´t you feel all the shadows hanging
Flying all around your head

Every time you have tried to step away
All the walls are closing in
On your knees, eyes with tears,
Asking for compassion

In the arms of fate

Wake up! Don´t you get it?
Feel the stench
You got caught in your web
Coughing up blood, burst into flames
Choke on pills
Say goodnight
Track Name: Sleeping Pill
Sleeping Pill

Take me down under
Where there’s nothing left of me
In this silence I’m restless
In your darkness I’m helpless

‘Cause we are alone
Hiding from the world
Leaving everyone behind
We are alone
So close to the sun
No matter what we’ve done
‘Cause now we are alone

I’ve fallen into your madness
And no light can reach us now
So deep it feels like sleeping
While killing all meaning
Track Name: Counting On You
Counting on you

I wonder if I’ll survive
At least through this endless day
Tell me that you won’t break down
I’m counting on you this time

Can’t you see I’m falling, falling down?
Take my hand and raise me up this time
I want to get back to my senses
And don’t depend on you so much

Come here and pick me up
I’d rather be somewhere else
Can’t you see I’m begging please?
I’d like to see you in my place

You turned away, ran away
You left me all alone in this place
You turned away, ran away
You left me all alone by myself
Can’t trust you anymore
Track Name: My Bones
My Bones

This is our time and space
So I guess we are all related
We used to be the same
But now we are isolated
There is no much to say
So all I trust now is my bones

All I’ve got is my bones
All I need is my bones
Where did we go wrong?

These times of disbelief
Our roots have been forgotten
We are beyond repair
So now I care about my bones

I’m afraid to ask
Is there any hope for us?
I can’t see beyond this mess
We have come from the same place
But the hope is dying
Do you think we’ll overcome this?